A Simple Supper

Ok, so after celebrating St. Patricks Day in style last night, both Dave and I were in no mood for cooking, what with all the dancing, celebrating and laughing! all we needed was something simple, something fast, and basically something that required neither one of us to move from the house! So, after foraging in the fridge, we got our hands on basic staples, eggs, milk, spring onions, and some left over chorizo! and voila! we had ourselves a tasty simple spanish omelette supper in mins! ( my kind of cooking!)

Great thing about this recipe is that you can mix it up, its based on whatever you have in the fridge, this would work equally well with bacon, salami, ham, tomatoes, red onions, mushrooms…or whatever else… you just make what YOU like, and whatever is easy and to hand in the fridge! Simples!

What do I need?

  • Chorizo
  • x 2 spring onions
  • x 4 eggs
  • Splash of milk
  • Pinch of sea salt and pepper

What do I do?

  • Chop your chorizo
  • Chop your spring onions and set aside
  • Heat your frying pan, medium heat, no oil in the pan
  • Fry off your chorizo, lovely flavoursome oil will be released once they start to cook
  • Meanwhile, lightly whisk your eggs with splash of milk, salt and pepper
  • Transfer the egg mix into the pan with chorizo, sprinkle with spring onions
  • Make sure the egg is cooked through and slightly bouncy to the touch
  • Enjoy with a simple side salad and a cold glass of white wine! Simply delicious!

1. Chop your Chorizo, place in oil free pan

2. Fry off your chorizo releasing all the lovely oils

3. Lightly whisk your eggs with splash of milk salt and pepper


4. Transfer egg mixture to pan with chorizo and chopped spring onions!

5. Enjoy with a simple side salad with a glass of wine! SIMPLES!




  1. I like it. Is that dave’s kitchen? Hope to meet you soon!

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