St. Patricks Day in Dublins Fair City

It has been many years since I made the trip to Dublin for St. Patricks Day, the last time I did, I was 14 so  I just stood about trying to look disinterested, dark and misunderstood. Those days are well behind me (thankfully) so, this year I threw myself into celebrating whole heartedly, and Dublin city was the place to be!

The city was awash with a riot of green, white and gold.  It seemed that everybody, men women and children dug deep in their wardrobes  and pulled out the most outrageous costumes.   The city was overcome with carnival fever, the day was spectacularly sunny. Try as you might, you just couldn’t not laugh and enjoy yourself! if you can’t beat ’em,  join ’em!

We found ourselves in the Foggy Dew pub, where face painters splashed colour and spread cheer like santa’s little helpers whilst traditional music thumped in the background.   We eventually headed toward the heart of Temple Bar.  Visitors from the four corners of the planet threw themselves unashamedly into the St. Patricks Day extravaganza! and it was there, in the streets,  that the best Paddy’s Day ‘craic’ was had!

I know where I’ll be next year.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

'Happy St. Patricks Day'



  1. Great photo 🙂

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