Sunday Eating!

It was a about 2 weeks ago that Dave and I decided to take a trip out to the Village at Lyons for lunch. That particular Sunday they were hosting a wedding fair (unbeknownst to us), which allowed us  access to suites and rooms which wouldn’t ordinarily be open for public scrutiny. Everything was perfect, The Village, dating from the 7th century, is surrounded by gushing water, well tended gardens, and cobble stone lanes.     The heavy Gothic door at the entrance of “The Mill” conceals a front parlour housing battered button back leather sofas, roaring open fires, and bags and bags of character. For me it was just amazing! We walked from room to room, each more beautiful then the last, everything was picture perfect right down to the white doves perched high above a stone clad cottage in the courtyard!

The ‘General Store’ at Village at Lyons

That particular Sunday we dined at the Canal Café, which is run by Clodagh McKenna. Coincidentally, I had just bought Clodagh’s new cookery book ‘homemade’ at the general store across from the café. I was utterly ecstatic to then discover that  Clodagh herself was serving in the café that day! With opportunity knocking, I cheekily asked  for an autograph, and in fairness Clodagh obliged no questions asked! Hooray! Upon Clodagh’s recommendation we ordered her signature chicken paté with spicy apple chutney on toast  (she also provides this particular recipe in her new cookbook!)  followed by her homemade pizza with chorizo and salami,  all washed down with homemade lemonade.  Delicious! Highly recommended!

This week, we decided to return to the Village at Lyons,  Mum and Dad joined Dave and I for lunch in  La Serre restaurant. The food was simple, nothing fussy, real crowd pleaser fare. It didn’t disappoint, it was full of flavour. I recommend the Chicken with cannelloni beans and chorizo, followed by citrus burst lemon tart, the berry Pavlova also got a resounding thumps up!

Chicken with cannelloni beans & chorizo

Berry Pavlova!

Lemon Tart



  1. Lovely photos 🙂 The desserts look to die for! Truly delicious…

  2. It sure was yummy! Keep your hands off my plate Morrissey!

  3. Sarah K. says:

    well sure you kept this blog lark super QUIET!!! lol tell us more.. where else do you go eh? haha this place looks FAB where is it Dee??

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