To Soufflé or not to Soufflé?

Soufflé… I know, even look at the word scares the bejaysus out of  me, this is because I can never get it right, they look promising in the oven, but alas, when they are taken out, they sink, much like my heart.

I came across this great blog post at The which provided 10 great Soufflé recipes to try out. They even suggested hosting a dinner party serving nothing but soufflé! can you imagine the pressure? (they must be mad!)  check out “How to make a Soufflé” here

Despite all my protests, if its done right Soufflé not only look amazing, but can taste great. Added to this, most of the soufflé ingredients can be prepped ahead ( who knew?) the whipping up of the egg whites and folding them into the base can be done at the very last minute before popping them into the oven. Timing… timing is everything, don’t get distracted, and keep your wine intake to a minimum until at least after they are out of the oven,  and you are on to a winner!  once done,  take the soufflés straight from the oven to the table, eat immediately ( before it has time to sink :-))

Discover a “10 Soufflé list you can make at home or for a dinner party right  here

Do you make soufflés? Do you have a favorite?



  1. I can tell you right now – tomorrow’s biteclub will not feature a single soufflé… We’ll wait for that speacial treat when it’s your turn to cook 🙂

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