“Ave an Avocado”!

Avocado’s,  you either love them or hate them,  I am firmly in the “love’em” camp.    When you look at Avocado’s people get limited by what they think they can do with them,  when in reality they are the most versatile fruit ( that tastes like a vegetable)  on the planet!

If you have ever been to Australia,  Avocado is an ever present offering on any menu,  for breakfast lunch and dinner,  sliced avocado with smoked salmon on crispy Turkish toast is my posh nosh breakfast favourite .   In fact Avocado on hot toast with cracked pepper and sea salt is  a fantastic simple snack, or breakfast alternative, or what about an Avocado Pineapple Smoothie? ,  or a  Chocolate Avocado Mousse?    the list is endless,  Go on give it a go.

So,  this blog post is about is trying to get us to get  creative with our  avocado’s,  they are much more versatile then using them in a salad, to get us started,  here are some  hints and tips on what you can do with yours!

What do I do?

Look! Crispy, Creamy Avocado Fries
•  Roasted  Avocado!
Rick Bayless’ Dairy Free Avocado Ice Cream
Smoky Summer Recipe: Grilled Guacamole


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