Bridies General Store

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon when upon meandering up and down the Kilkenny streets that we happened upon this little gem.    Bridies General Store is like stepping back in time.   Every square inch of the store is filled with nostalgic sweet treats and odd items such as snuff, or bath salts,  step through the saloon doors and you are immediately transported to a bar filled by  the elegance of a by gone era,  wood paneled walls, marble tables,  lovely tiled floors set the tone,  it is breathtaking,   it really is a place to have a quiet drink on a cold night,  step through the back and you are greeted by a walled garden,  dotted with benches, storm lanters, victorian styled gazebo’s,   flowers and fairy lights, are looped and linked between seats we happily spent the afternoon swinging on the garden swing sipping cold drinks, it really is such a lovely place to be.

I was so taken with Bridies, I insisted Dave  take  photographs, he was more than happy to oblige to  take some great shots for me to share with you. Have a gander,  and the next time you are in Kilkenny,  go and have a cold glass of Gingerale and lime in the garden.



  1. It looks amazing! ESPECIALLY LOVE the hot water bottle idea!!! LOVE LOVE!
    Dave has done a far better job at capturing the mood and essence of the old world place compared to what is showcased on the Langtons website. Langtons – take note!

  2. Even though it is a wonderful place – you make it sound truly magical 🙂

  3. Our next meeting place Dee!! photos are amazing…cant believe I havent been yet!

  4. I love it, what a quaint place. Love the photos Dave, makes me want to visit!!

  5. How cool is this! I think they would have to throw me out of there as I wouldn’t leave the place like that out of my own free will. Love the photos too! Last one is my fave.

  6. Love this place- perfect for relaxing in before heading to all the great shows & exhibits on for the Kilkenny Arts Festival. I can hardly wait til it starts tomorrow! Fab photos!

  7. I want to go here. Gorgeous shots!

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