L. Mulligan Grocer

L. Mulligan Grocer in Stoneybatter is a place to be on a Sunday afternoon, especially  if you are looking from some hearty, wholesome, fresh,  well cooked food.   It was last Sunday that Dave and I met friends, Alan and Ashleigh,  for some lunch, and upon their recommendation, we visited L.Mulligan Grocer in Stoneybatter.   Let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint! from the street front, you would be forgiven for thinking that this place was just another pub frequented by dusty old sorts, however once you step through the doors, you soon realise that you have entered a place that is pretty special, and totally beguiling.

I love old world charm, and L. Mulligan Grocer delivers this in spades! the front bar has retained its understated charm, and walking toward the back of the pub, the restaurant takes on a whole new kitsch feel, from the button back old leather couches, to the battered old heavy solid tables, to the scrabble tiles that featured the word “RESERVED” on the tables, to the tiled terraced garden out the back.   In short, I LOVED it.

Our menus were handed to us and were pressed between old Shakespearean books, (which totally won me over), added to this, L.Mulligan Grocer specifically presents an “about us” section on the menu.  They are passionate about local produce “We believe that Irish produce is special, and worth celebrating. Our menu is seasonal & we change it every week.  Our beef is grass fed and Irish. Our sausages come from TJ Crowe in Tipperary and Jack McCarthy in Cork.  Our fish is from Kish Fish. They text us every day to tell us what is fresh! We are committed to serving sustainable species of fish on our menu. Our pork, eggs and chooks are free-range & Irish. Our black pudding is made in Fermanagh with Irish blood (a rarity!)”. Aside from being passionate about food, they also  serve Irish brewed beer! (now that deserves a round of applause) “Our Irish craft beers are brewed in Ireland by Aidan, Owen, Thom, Cormac, Bernard, Russell, Culainn, Grainne, two Liams, Mark & Peter. ”

There is a heart and soul in this gastro pub and most definitely in the menu. I love what they are about, and I felt great supporting the “home grown” mission in some small way .    I ordered the pork and apple sausages with black pudding mash and gravy,  whilst Dave had the fish and chips with mushy peas, and Alan and Ashleigh both ordered the homemade chicken Kiev.

All I can do now is to tell you to visit and enjoy the delicious food and home brew at L.Mulligans Grocer, 18 Stoneybatter.  I hope to see many more pubs and restaurants adopt the same principles. Put simply, WOW!,  check out the great photographs by Dave McClelland below!

(Photography:  Dave McClelland)



  1. Esther Allen says:

    WOW! I love this blog so much and really want to go there someday! Amazing photos and brilliantly written, what a team! 🙂

  2. Fantastic piece Dee! I love the way you describe places. Makes it sound so cosy and inviting! Perhaps you should go down the publicity/ marketing route – I’m sure you could tempt people in easily! Photographs are fantastic too Davey – I espeicially like the one of the sweets! x

  3. I loved this post. Ace words and pix. Nice duel effort : ) It’s always cool when a restaurant goes to town on celebrating it’s uniqueness, utterly unfettered. If I find myself back in your land I’ll be sure to pay a visit : )xx

  4. Wrong duel! Meant dual.
    And I call myself a writer. Tsk. x

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