Entertaining in Style

I believe that styling your  table  just as important as the food you serve. Making just a small effort to dress a table, by adding flowers, or tea-lights, or simply by taking out your good crystal, and cutlery which you normally reserve for “special occasions” should be used and loved more often. My own mother has a set of Waterford Crystal wine glasses which she resolutely reserves for use on Christmas day only! the rest of the year, the glasses sit forlornly and forgotten in a box under the stairs.

My sister runs her own business “Splendid Days” which is an boutique marquee, furniture and accessory hire studio. She has ALWAYS been into styling and interiors, and has taken this passion with her into her professional life by starting up a new business. Her mantra has always been about ” setting a scene” whether that is simple and casual, or a little more extravagant, the need for “Style” is always important.

I believe that I fall somewhere in between,  I do like a relaxed  vibe about a home,  and most especially around my dinner table.   Sunday lunch is something that must be relaxed, unfussy and simple.   Its a simple meal shared with friends and family and you get comfort knowing that formality can be left at the door!

Last Sunday we had my family over for Sunday Roast, with a simple gingham table cloth and few bold and bright flowers put into old jam jars and vases suddenly the table takes on a whole new look, not only do the flowers brighten up the table,  but they certainly brighten up my day!  Dave took a few photos,  whilst also being chef for the day!  now who said that men cannot multi-task?

Photographs and video by David McClelland

Dinner at home from David McClelland on Vimeo.



  1. Just stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest and LOVE it!!! Your beautiful photos actually make me a wee bit homesick for Ireland 🙂

    • Hi Alice! 🙂 you are very welcome to the blog! especially a Sydney sider irish girl! I get a little homesick for Sydney too sometimes! ( the grass is always greener eh?) hope my Blog will help make you feel connected to Ireland and helps with homesickness rather than makes it worse! 🙂 feel free to keep dropping by to get a taste of home! xx Chin up 🙂

  2. Gorgeous photos! I’m inspired now to have a dinner party.

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