Sand, Sea, Sunscreen and Sydney

It is day 3 and I am back to work after a 4 week holiday in Australia. I am suffering from acute post holiday blues !

As much as my budget allows I try to return to Australia at least once a year, and this year was no exception. Christmas Down Under is a totally different experience, and this year Dave joined me on my annual sunny junkett. Christmas usually conjures up images of steaming mince pies, crackling fires, Turkey dinners, plum pudding and, sadly, weight gain!. Christmas by Australian standards means BBQ’s, surfing, sunscreen, sand, sunbathing, swimming costumes…. (oh yes)… and sunburn, we enjoyed every minute.

Christmas day began with a grazing feast from dawn till dusk, the day was punctuated with glasses of very nice champagne ( it was a celebration after all!) we threw tradition out the window, fully embracing the great Aussie institution that is the art of “Barbequing”. With chilli limes BBQ prawns or juicy scallops kicked off the celebrations, followed by a garlic and rosemary roast Lamb, with a selection of tasty salad accompaniments the meal was finished off perfectly with a resplendent berry Pavlova that STILL has my mouth watering.

But it wasn’t all about food, (ok, who are we kidding, a very large portion of it was) the rest of the time was spent doing things! the sunny weather had us engerised, there was so much to do and see, so much to eat and drink, and sooo much living to be done that I need to have another holiday just to recuperate! From climbing the harbour bridge, to parasailing in Manly beach, to swimming at Avoca beach the list is endless.

Thanks to my very patient, very talented boyfriend Dave, I am able to share with you his fantastic video that has squeezed our 4 weeks of holiday bliss into 4mins, and by the end of the video, you will be booking your seat on the next flight to Australia.

All that is left to say is “Happy 2012” to everybody! I hope you enjoy watching!

Video content composed, edited by David McClelland Photography

Oz – 4 Weeks in 4 minutes. from David McClelland on Vimeo.



  1. Excellent blog Dee, wonder would anyone notice if we went to Sydney instead of Cambodia! πŸ™‚

  2. Wonderful Blog! amazing video! You are both so talented it makes me sick! seriously gorgeous in that vid BTW (I mean YOU … not Sydney) πŸ™‚

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