Backyard Blitz

As we all know, New Years resolutions are made in a fit of self reflection and the promise to be a better person at the dawning of the New Year, these promises are usually broken within a week. This new years was no exception. I made a long list of resolutions for 2012, promising myself that 2012 would be different. Besides dedicating more time to writing, I also want to renovate my back yard.

Currently the backyard resembles that of a parking lot, it has wall to wall concrete, and is about 100ft long. We currently use the yard to park the cars because our cottage style house is on a busy street with little parking to the front. I think I became inspired (some might say obsessed) with doing up the backyard after our trip to Australia where we spent many an evening in my sisters patio having dinner in her lovely garden, and over Christmas we hired a beach house that had a gorgeous deck with large dining table where we would sit and eat and make merry until the wee hours. As you can imagine, with the smell of spring in the air, and the promise of long evenings to look forward to my desire to upgrade our concrete souless slab into something that is worth languishing in during the summer has me in a creative tizzy.

I have planned to start our blitz very shortly and I shall report on progress on the blog (including photographs)

In the meantime, I have gathered together a mood board of the backyards I am currently crushing.

source: ascotfriday

source: pinterest



  1. grass! you need some green. and not just paint or inflatable shamrocks. it may be controversial but nothing beats grass. (no smart comments please!!!)

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