Taking Tea

I read somewhere recently that  the “Tea Room” is making a come back,  that ‘High Tea’ is in a renaissance,  I dare to believe it, but can only hope that it is true.   There is NOTHING I like more than going for high tea,  the more over the top and flouncy the better.  I want to entertained,  I want to see sugary goodies  displayed in a  3 tiered  stack,  I want to have that feeling of nostalgia when taking tea,  I want my tea served in chintzy chinaware or silver tea pots.   The whole ceremony, theatrics and indulgence surrounding high tea is so enjoyable, what better way to spend an afternoon?

I cannot talk about tea rooms without mentioning  a fantastic little tea room in Killarney co Kerry.   I always insist  we frequent Miss Courtney’s tearooms every time I visit my friend who lives there.   Miss Courtney’s tearooms in Killarney transports you right back to a by gone era,  I love their shabby chic style, the mix matched china ware, the cakes, the ambiance, the selection of  tea, the painted floor boards,  the chandeliers , I could go on.  Miss Margaret Courtney, the original proprietor, opened her doors  1909, she is the  great-aunt  of the current owner who reopened Miss courtneys in 2008.   The business has been run by  four generations of ladies in the family.  Generations of black and white family pictures hang honorably on the Tearoom walls.  Anyone going on holiday to Killarney in co. Kerry should definitely pop into Miss Courtney’s Tearooms.

If I had the money,  I would love to open a tea room akin to Miss Courtneys, however I fear I probably would eat my way through any profits…

On our holiday in Sydney in December,   I dragged Dave along to the “Victoria Room Tea Salon”  for high tea,  I absolutely could not pass it by without venturing inside.   As we were on holidays,  we went totally over the top and ordered champagne with our afternoon tea,  let me tell you we enjoyed every last morsel! Seeing as Dave was with me,  I forced him to take a few photos to share with you,  I hope you enjoy.

Long Live HIGH TEA!!!

Photography by David McClelland



  1. Kicking and screaming I was. Kicking and screaming. I was promised the majority of the sweet tier. That sealed the deal.
    Great post.
    When do we go to Miss Courtneys? Er.. I mean not that I want to go or anything.. Just wondering….

  2. Yummy! I share your love of tea rooms. Once a year Ruth & I treat ourselves to an afternoon tea in a lush hotel, you should join us the next time! Oh my mouth is watering at the thought of it 🙂

  3. There’s a dearth of tea rooms around where I live, but I’ve been fortunate enough to find a few and enjoy the full-blown tea experience. Oh, my, that cake stand looks amazing!

  4. Hello from New York City! Nice post and beautiful pictures to Dave. I do agree that afternoon tea has become a trend. There are so many tea rooms popping up, which is wonderful news for afternoon tea lovers. 🙂

    • Hello! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I have passed on your praise to Dave who is thrilled! 🙂 If you are in New York city I recommend going to Alices Tea Cup on 102 West 73rd Street! it is really well worth a visit! they make the very best scones and cakes I have had at high tea in a long time! Enjoy!

      • You know Alice’s Tea Cup too?! I go to the one on 64th Street and Lexington on the Eastside! This location has nicer decor in my opinion. If you are ever in NYC again, check out this location. 🙂

  5. Great post! And the desserts look fantastic

  6. Wow! i love this new look! Very nice Dee


  1. […] while ago I blogged about my love of “High Tea”, and all the ceremony that accompanies it. I happened to mention my favourite little tearoom, […]

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