Vintage China

It seems  vintage is now very much en-vogue. Granny chic is the new black.   It has to be said that I am a big fan, I love vintage china, and plates, and if you were to walk into my home you would see old platters high up on display in the kitchen, some were purchased from a local antique shop (the same shop in which I thought I was purchasing a silver tea set that turned out to be brass, which my best friend finds hilariously funny!) and some were handed down from my Mother who inherited the platters from my great Uncle, an old Irish Bachelor.

I believe that  old china ware deserves a turn about the kitchen and so I still use them for serving food, they might be old but they deserve to be loved and enjoyed and I think the chips and cracked veins in the enamel just adds to their charm…(I hope the cracked veins in my own enamel is just as charming! :-))

I also have a set of mismatched chinaware, my sister collects the odd plate and teacup and saucer and has built up quite a collection which she uses as part of her accessory hire services for her business Splendid Days .

Vintage china and mix matched plates and saucers are so feminine and delicate, I recently filled my teacups with roses and used them as a table centre piece for Mothers Day dinner which I hosted last Sunday. Below are a few ideas for old jars, tea cups, plates and cake stands that can be used for parties, table settings and centre pieces, don’t discard old crockery, granny chic is back and can look beautiful! you just have to consider giving them a new and original purpose!

The below images were taken at various wedding receptions that Dave photographed during the year, they’ll give you some ideas and inspiration to start your own collection before your throw yourself an over the top mad hatters tea party.

(Photographs by David McClelland)



  1. Love this blog! My work colleagues threw me the most amazing Mad Hatters Tea Party when I left last year, I must email you the photos, you will love them! x

  2. So Sweet Savannah says:

    Love this. I always say there’s nothing better than vintage stores, antique shops and garage sales!

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