Blog Award

An Award? for me? I was utterly surprised and thrilled to find out that during the week that this very humble little blog received its very first “thumbs up” vote from someone other than my Mum!I did a bit of research about it,  and couldn’t find anything on where it originated from, my conclusion is that it’s a type of chain mail scenario, going round and round! .

However,  What’s the harm?   It is all about being nice to 5 other newbie bloggers,  That’s all! so I say to hell with it and just share the love!

The vote of confidence came via a Liebster Blog Award, bestowed upon “Afternoon D Lite” by Softer City. I would like to extend my gratitude to Softer City for visiting and even considering my blog, thank you so much! Also, I encourage you to go check out Softer City, a brilliant blog that looks at the soft underbelly of New York City, life and culture.

And, in accordance with the Liebster Blog Award rules, I also nominate and pass the Leibster Blog Award onto five other brilliant blogs, which are totally deserving of the recognition:

The nominees are… and in no particular order:-

1. Scrumptious Grub (fantastic food blog )
2. Jaynies Dump (a funny little blog about life)
3. Rosey in the Garden (Fantastic Novelists blog)
4. Big Hungry Gnomes (Fantastic Food blog)
5. Decidedly Delicious (Fantastic Food blog )

Well done Guys, you get my two Liebster thumbs up.



  1. Sarah Flynn says:

    Yayyyy go you Dee I’m chuffed for you xxx

  2. Congratulations!!

  3. Congrats!

  4. Congrats on the award. Your blog really is fantastic. I feel honoured that you have also awarded me with the Liebster Blog award and I am amazed that you consider my little blog to even be in the same league as your fantastic one. Thank you xx

  5. Oh wow! Thanks Dee! I’d like to thank the academy! 🙂 your blog is brilliant and reminds me of you! Beautiful …in every way! Thanks for throwing me a nomination too! Xx

  6. Thank you so much! This will also be my first blog award. Really appreciate it and congratulations on receiving it yourself – you definitely deserve it 😀

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