Pantry Peek

I am one of those people that likes to look at what other shoppers have in their grocery baskets, I stand behind them at the checkouts and I look at all the wonderful things they have selected ,   I wonder why they picked certain brands over others, I imagine what they will be cooking during the week, what kind of house they live in, what they do for a living, I am caught up in joyous wonder as time passes quickly to the sound of  “beep, beep”  from the checkout  scanner….are you scared yet? because I am!  I honestly didn’t realise what a nut job I am!

Anyway, in light of  the above,  it wouldn’t be fair that I do all the gawking, so I have decided to let you have a peek into my pantry.

My Pantry is consists of open shelves that are jammed packed full of not only food, but of bits and pieces that one collects, likes or “has to have”. My pantry I suppose is a reflection of our personalities, it is an eclectic mix of colourful things, a hotchpotch of collectibles, cookbooks, glasses, bowls, plates , cups, jars, bottles and tins.

(photography David McClelland)



  1. Oh great! I’m not the only one! Loved this look into your pantry and all your gorgeous stuff. Now tell me, do you also nosey through people’s cookbook collections when you’re in their kitchen or worse still, when you see a shelf of cookbooks in a photo online do you click to enlarge so you can read the spines of the cookbooks? Not saying I do or anything, just wondering 😉

    • HAHA! I know! those books are only half the collection and interestingly are totally biased toward only one celebrity chef! 🙂 I should have taken a picture of my other books….just to be fair!

  2. Your pantry looks so pretty! You’ve a collection of fine teacups that’s awoken the green-eyed monster in me 😛

  3. Sooo pretty!! I love all the little feminine touches in your pantry.. the dishes and hanging letter and that beautiful silver teapot!! I think a pantry says a lot about it’s “keeper”.. you must be sweet and pretty as well!!

  4. So tidy! I have Little Missy stuck into my pantry half the time so things go missing and get moved out of her reach – difficult to keep things in any kind of order.

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