An 8mm Video

So last weekend I accompanied Dave on a wedding shoot, not as a second shooter, but doing a little experiment shooting 8mm video.

Itโ€™s definitely not perfect and there is loads of room for improvement. We didnโ€™t have complete freedom on the day as there was another set of videographers there and the last thing I wanted was to get in their way as they are being paid to make their video. So for a lot of the time I stood back and let everyone else get on with it.

Yesterday Dave ( gathered all of that footage together and edited together this little video. I hope it brightens your day! Enjoy!



  1. Aaww so gorgeous and cute altogether!! Good on you Dee! Really good job xx

  2. Definitely a great little video this morning! I love the perky little song and the vintage feel of the video.. what software did he use, it’s awesome!

  3. Clever Clever Clever! Love it! XX

  4. Christine Burns says:

    What a talented lady you are !! this is fab, great work, C

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