The Little Paris Kitchen

It is with great excitement that I want to share my latest find, nay…obsession. Rachel Khoo’s “The Little Paris Kitchen” recipe book and TV series are simply fantastic. What makes Rachel so enchanting ? as the french would say her, “Joie de vivre” her genuine love for food, her quirkiness and the fact that she enrolled herself in a patisserie course in Paris in 2006 just adds to my hero worship!

Brought up by an expat Austrian mother and a Chinese-Malaysian father in Croydon, London, Rachel studied art and graphic design at University before working in PR for a Fashion company in London for many years, Khoo then decided that her real passion was food, and so she went to Paris for a little adventure and to learn the dark secret art of the patisserie chef along the way.

I am utterly hooked and lets face it, “besotted” not only by Khoo and the TV series but by Paris! The BBC TV show, The Little Paris Kitchen, paints a romantic image of life in Paris, filled with shots of Rachel milling around quaint markets, having friendly french banter with the local Grocer, Baker, or Fishmonger, she looks effortlessly stylish in a variety of vintage frocks and the ever present flash of red lipstick always finishes the look! She lets us into her world, and into her tiny little flat where she dishes up classic French food in her miniscule kitchen to honored guests in her tiny pop up restaurant in her flat.

I am hooked. Rachel has made French food accessible, she has somehow removed the veil of mystery and intrigue surrounding French Cuisine making it easy to follow, easy to understand and execute. I will give all the recipes a go in due time, but my only concern is will I do it as gracefully as Rachel in my little Irish kitchen?

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  1. I’ve read about her lots recently.. she must be the newest food star… I can see why, she’s so pretty, her kitchen is so cheery and colorful.. I’m guessing her food is awesome as well. I’ll be looking for that cookbook!

    • She is just so natural, and the way she cooks makes everything seem effortless of course Paris looks amazing and the variety of fresh food available is enviable! oh! to be that controlled in the kitchen! I am hooked! That reminds me…must book weekend mini break to Paris…

  2. I’ll definitely have to check her out. I lived in Paris for a year and certainly find myself missing it!

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