I have a furry, four legged  niece, and her name is Bundy.  She is not of the human race, but of a far smellier Staffordshire Terrier dog variety.    We had the pleasure of looking after her for an entire week, and lets just say, that this dog is more demanding than any child!

Like a child, Bundy got cranky and  whined.   When she got bored and wanted to play she would give you a nudge or bark at you begging you to chase her,   she refused to eat her dinner and wanted to dine at the table with us, and if that wasn’t going to happen she would happily stare you down so that you felt utterly uncomfortable and a bad human being for not sharing your food.    She wouldn’t stay in bed. She woke us up each morning by head butting the bedroom door and letting her self in.  She loved to play hide and seek and went totally nuts when you jumped out on her and screamed “boo!”.  She loved going to the park and playing on the  slippery slide.  She hated cats and would keep guard against those brave enough to wander into the garden.  She loved to be included in the cuddles and would insist you give her a rub at the end of every evening until she fell asleep at your feet.   All in all we had the best time with her, and I think Bundy also liked her holiday with her Aunty Dee  and Uncle Dave.

(Photography: David McClelland)



  1. Oh how I miss those endless stares. She loved me.

  2. Hahahaha.. what a sweet pup-face! I love how dogs have us running around to their beck and call:D How can we resist??

  3. Bundy is so cute:) I love dogs. They make life so much more interesting, funny, and more unpredictable.

  4. Awwwwww, Bundy looks so lush! We have a little staffordshire bull terrier as well, he sounds like Bundy, LOVES his cuddles and wants to be invlolved in our everyday activites, you should ‘borrow’ her on a permenant basis! 🙂

    • The staffy’s are a great breed, they are dead laid back, with smiley chops all the time! was contemplating a dog heist in the middle of the night, but i know Bundy would let the cat out of the bag by barking with utter excitement and I would be caught rotten! 🙂 haha! keep saying to my brother that he should really give her to me, But Man and his Dog will not be turned nor parted… Bundy is his baby for sure! I’ll just have to look for another Staff of my own!

  5. Sadie Smith says:

    She’s a beauty : )

  6. beyond adorable…i have two staffy mixes of my own and they are the BEST dogs I have ever had…thanks for posting those pics…made my day 🙂

  7. She is SO cute! We recently got a new dog in the house several months after our last one passed away – the sound of little feet running around the place had been sorely missed.

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