Mum & Bump

You’ve heard it before,  you see a pregnant woman, a Mother to be, and words like “radiant”, “blooming”, “glowing”, all spring to mind.   Well, yesterday my best friend came for a visit to my house,  at 34 weeks, she is the epitome of radiance.  The excitement and love for her first unborn child is utterly apparent, it’s beautiful, and to be honest, humbling to be in the presence of an expectant Mother.   There was nothing for it but to try and capture this special time on camera.     Below are my very own attempts  to photograph  “Mum and Bump”.   Enjoy 🙂

If you are a Mum to be, and would like to organise a photoshoot,  contact me here



  1. Helene Haughney says:

    Oh love the pics Dee, seriously captured something magical there 🙂 Beautiful model too!

  2. Thank you Dee!! It was such a lovely experience. You’re brilliant. Ash xx

  3. Ash you look AMAZING. Beautiful pictures Dee, you’ve captured them (Mum and bubba) beautifully.
    Love to you both xxx

  4. So beautiful!

  5. Awesome shots Dee, are you taking a course or learning from Dave? Beautiful! You’re a natural, and your Mum to Be is stunning! x

  6. Gorgeous D! Love it … such a special time. You’ve done an amazing job (again) X

  7. Grainne says:

    lovely model, lovely bump – very special moments captured x

  8. She truly is radiant.. I remember feeling just like that.. this is such a special time and your photos have captured it. My fav (although I love them all) is the third one. xo

  9. Love it Dee. You did amazingly well considering this is your first shoot. With practically no prior tutorial from me you took it like a natural. My fav shot is still the third as I think it just captures Ash so well but the rest are great too – especially the straight look to the camera shot. 10/10.

  10. marybrownphotography says:

    Just met matchmaker 🙂 Ash for a coffee and she is indeed glowing… great job Dee!

    • Haha! thanks Mary! yes indeed she is our matchmaker for sure! I think I met you briefly in a cafe in Dublin, Dave was heading out and stopped to chat to you, you were just after having your little bubb! 🙂 small world eh?

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