Savour Kilkenny Food Festival

Well,  its been a busy, busy last few months!  Firstly I would like to apologise for my lack of entries,  you see,  recently I have been through a bit of a…hmm… some like to call it a “pre- midlife crisis”,  (haha), maybe I am having mine early!  anyways… I kind of lost my mojo,  I lost my zest, my  joie de vivre,  my enthusiasm , my spark, my passion,  a result of which was my lack of dedication to my humble blog,  but also I decided to leave my full time job, the same job I had been in for the last four years a job that was going nowhere and was just not making me happy  (think square peg round hole).   So,  I decided to choose a different path.  Whilst I am trying to “figure it out”,  my long suffering, loving and very patient boyfriend who also happens to be an amazing photographer has made room for me in his office!

Dave and I live in a little terraced cottage in the middle of a historic town called Kilkenny, (about 1rh 30 south of Dublin.)  Our home,  aside from being an eclectic mix of nik-naks, also houses Daves office (now I can proudly say its “our office”).   I have moved my vintage desk chair in, set up my computer, and now we sit opposite each other, me getting to grips with the business and trying to find my mojo, and Dave doing what he does best,  being a brilliant photographer and playing Gran Turismo! 🙂

So,  as a newly “freed” woman  from the corporate world, and as a FOODIE lover and (bad) blogger, what better way to find my cooking mojo then to take a stroll around the Savour Kilkenny Food Festival!

The Savour Kilkenny Food Festival is the one festival in particular I LOVE to attend, its a gathering of chefs, bloggers, artisan foodies in one fantastic location, right under the shadows of the Kilkenny Castle along the Parade Plaza, its a foodie extravaganza hosted over 6 days (the top button of my jeans can also testify to my participation and appreciation of the tasty treats on offer)

Now in its 6th Year, Savour Kilkenny has firmly established itself on the food festival trail both locally and nationally. The combination of the outdoor food market (which runs for two full days) along with the participation of local restaurants transforms Kilkenny into a vibrant, busy city across the October Bank Holiday weekend.

I took a tour around the tented Food Village (which includes food producer stalls from across the country selling their wares, celebrity demos, local chef demos and many other attractions, I was delighted to see such an diverse  array of food on offer.   I also got to bump into Kevin Dundon of Dunbrody House, (see previous blog here my visit to Dunbrody Cookery School)  so we couldn’t miss an opportunity to catch Kevin Dundon in action on the streets of Kilkenny!

Below are a few images taken on and around the food festival, it includes the fantastic surrounds of Kilkenny Design Centre,  and the autumnal colours of Kilkenny Castle Park.  And I would like to thank Savour Kilkenny food festival for  inspiring me to dust down my old cookery books and get back into the kitchen, and get back into my new office to blog about it!

(photography by Dave McClelland)



  1. such lovely photos. what kind of camera do you use?

  2. Welcome back Dee, you have been missed! Look forward to seeing some of your mouth watering dishes and more of Dave’s amazing photography! 🙂 x

  3. great to see the blog back…! Dave is deffo better at photography then his is at Gran Turismo…!

  4. I’m also better at photography then i am at grammar judging from my last comment…!

  5. Hi Dee, been patiently waiting for a blog. Love the photos, looking forward to some inspirational foodie photos. Take care and best of luck with the career move. Debbie x

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