Chicken, Leek & Pancetta Pie

The winter has truly set in,  there was a layer of ice frozen thick and hard across my windshield the other morning which took a good 30 minutes of scraping and muttering under my breath to clear it.  It is cold, I know it,the cats know it, and certainly my beat up fiesta knows it. And what do I want when its flipping freezing outside? yes, I make all the stodgy foods I denied myself during the summer! what better way to kick off the carb celebration than making oneself a chicken, leek and pancetta pie!?

This recipe is my own, yes, I have gathered a few bits here and tweaked a few ideas there, to come up with a creation which is very tasty indeed. This chicken & leek pie is a great one to have with family, it’s really hearty and its made for sharing, the great thing is it only takes 30mins to make. ( I joke not)

What do I need?

  • x4 Chicken Breasts
  • x1 Leek
  • x1 Tablespoon plain flour
  • x2 Teaspoon english mustard
  • x1 heaped tablespoon of creme Fraiche
  • 75g diced pancetta
  • 300ml of chicken stock
  • Salt and pepper to season
  • Thyme
  • x1 packet of ready rolled puff pastry sheets.
  • x1 egg.

What do I do?

  • Heat up your frying pan and pop your kettle onto boil to make your chicken stock. Turn your oven on to 180C.
  • Cut up your chicken breasts into 1cm strips
  • Add a little olive oil to your frying pan and put the chicken into the hot pan
  • Add your diced pancetta, keep turning your meat.
  • Cut up your leek into rounds, and add to your frying pan
  • season with salt and pepper, and 2 sprigs of thyme leaves
  • Add in your english mustard and creme fraiche, along with 1 tablespoon of flour.
  • Add in your 300ml of chicken stock.
  • Let your mixture bubble away on for approx 2 mins then turn down the heat to medium.
  • Meanwhile, roll our your puff pastry sheet between 2 layers of cling film to ensure the pastry sheet is larger than the pie dish you plan on using for this pie. Score the pastry sheet with a knife.
  • Once rolled out to the required size, de-cant your chicken mixture into your deep pie dish.
  • Place your ready rolled puff pastry sheet over the pie dish letting the sides sink into and around the pie. Scrunch and pinch the sides to seal the pie around all the edges make sure the pastry completely covers the chicken mix.
  • light beat your egg
  • glaze the pastry with your beaten egg and put into the oven until the pastry is golden and crispy and cooked through.
  • Serve straight from the oven with french greens.

(Photography by David McClelland)



  1. What a lovely pie…I have just bought leeks and this recipe sounds terrific.

  2. Yum and easy? My kind of food 🙂 Thanks Dee!

  3. Lovely Recipe and love your blog, especially the photography. This recipe is very similar to Jamie Oliver’s chicken pie. He must have stole it off you. 🙂

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