My New Chair

World, meet my new chair,  chair meet world!   As the newest member of the family,  I had to take a few pictures to show off my fabulously up-cycled, re-upholstered old/new office chair!  Discovered in a quirky shop in Dublin  we had it wrapped in bubble wrap before hoofing it through the streets (on our backs, much to the merriment of onlookers)  before ramming it into our car and taking it home and making it comfortable in its new surroundings.

I can tell you that yes,  the chair is not just with us to fascinate,  it’s here to operate too,  it is my new chair for the office I now share with Dave.  For the sake of “styling” I moved said chair to our living room to take full advantage of the light,  but also because the office is a little untidy and just wouldn’t showcase my lovely chair off to its full advantage.

Amazing what funky fabric can do to recreate a very cool little chair for my bottom to sit on.





  1. I love your new chair and love how my brother can take a photo of a chair leg and make it look pretty :))

  2. I love your chair and think it looks great where it is. Maybe you should get another one for the office!

  3. Your chair is my kind of chair. The color of the wood is gorgeous!

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