Bath Time

A belated Happy New Year to everyone!  Its been a busy few months for me over the past while and again I find myself grovelling and asking for forgiveness for not blogging sooner, as the once famous Britney Spears once said,”Oops I did it again”! Sorry folks!

Ok, so since leaving my full time job in September, Dave and I have been pretty busy with work,  Dave teaching me the ropes and me, well, just absorbing it all. At the end of the year we decided to take some time out and go to England in December for a little mini break. We went to Bath, located in Somerset South West England.   Can I just say, that if you want Jane Austen English romance then Bath has it in spades!  I loved it!  I felt like I was walking around my very own period drama. I loved everything about the city, from its architecture to its history, to the quirky lane ways, cafes, restaurants and shops.

We choose Bath as we’d both never been before, I do have a very real obsession for Jane Austen and period dramas (I kid you not) so when we decided on England there was no other city that would do! What a beautiful place, we were lucky enough to have the most amazing clear blue skies (albeit sub zero temperatures) we were in Bath for the Christmas festival which had crafty stalls lining the square and white fairy lights in abundance. We meandered through the streets with mulled wine and roasted chestnuts wafting through the lanes and wrapping around us comfortingly.

Lets start though with the drive to Bath. I have already mentioned my obsession for Jane Austen, well, I must confess I also have a massive crush for cute little Fait 500 cars and I know I will never be truly happy until I own one, there I said it! So, in light of this confession Dave rented one at Bristol airport as a surprise for our trip! you can imagine the squeals and the jumping up and down at the airport when we collected it. We took the backroads from the airport passing through various little villages and towns, each more quaint and breathtaking as the last. We stayed at the most wonderful little B&B, Brittons Farm Estate which is about 10 minutes outside of Bath. It was more like a little Boutique Hotel rather than a B&B, each of the rooms had been converted from the old stone outbuildings and barn with doors that opened out onto a central courtyard. Each morning we were treated to the most delicious home-cooked breakfast that was delivered to our suite every morning, yes, you guessed it, I didn’t even have to get dressed! sweet!

We did all the usual touristy stuff like visiting the Roman Baths, the Jane Austen museum (yes, I forced Dave to go with me) but the best had to be the Thermae Bath Spa – Britain’s only natural thermal spa. Think of a very large open top Bath tub (swimming pool) atop a building that looks out over the city. We were sitting in those hot bubbles at dusk, and as the sun set over the city and the temperature dropped we languished in the rooftop bath that was naturally heated by the thermal springs. AMAZING.

Oh, and the biggest news and the reason behind this post, on the final day Dave and I walked around the city and took some photographs of the architecture, most famously we went to the Royal Crescent and Circus, a notorious historical site of architectural beauty,and it was there that Dave decided to propose, forever intertwining Bath city into our lives, taking me by surprise he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was a very emotional and special moment, we were lucky enough that Dave managed to capture it on video, Bath city will forever be a place of romance and love and we will definitely be back to recapture and relive that special life changing moment! 🙂

After our Bath trip we drove on down to London where we of course had to take a little trip to Harrords to see how the other half live, followed by a trip to Vinopolis along the embankment for a wine tasting experience, Last and best of all we also visited the Bravarian Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. It was the most beautiful Christmas market with open pit fires, twinkling fairy lights, amusements, ice-skating, hot chocolate stalls and more, Its exactly the place I imagine Santa Claus to live 🙂

Below I have posted the little video Dave created of the proposal 🙂

To check out the full and complete fantastic holiday images of our our trip see David McClelland Photography

Something a little special. from David McClelland on Vimeo.




  1. Yes you did it again – you made me cry! No way I’m ever watching that video again. I’m too emotional as it is. Lovely blog tho Dee. Good to hear from you x

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