The Little Green Grocer

It was only yesterday when Dave and I were looking for somewhere to eat that we decided to hang a left instead of our usual right when we hit the top of the high street in Kilkenny.  And I am so glad we did, there we discovered the cutest little shop which was aptly named “The Little Green Grocer”. So today,  we decided to go have a look and whilst talking to Sarah & Eleanor, the owners, we discovered it had been opened for the past six months!  That will just give you an indication how long it had been since we took a left turn! Sadly we are creatures of habit.

The Little Green Grocer, Kilkenny

The Little Green Grocer, Kilkenny

The Little Green Grocer sisters,  Sarah & Eleanor

I love looking about stores like this,  I always feel I am getting something special and unique.  I am that annoying customer that has to pick everything up, look at the label, smell it, touch it, put it back and then pick it up again. I love the concept of this store, I love the fact that real people are behind the brand and have lovingly sourced, curated and stocked shelves for our perusal and culinary pleasure, where fresh organic vegetables, sauces, artisan coffees, local cheeses, breads, speciality wines, chocolates and spices are made accessible to everyone.  After much deliberation I picked up a tub of Vanilla & Coconut  Nobó Dairy free ice-cream (hand produced by a small Dublin based company) and a bag of Red Rooster Coffee (a family owned business in Galway).  Not only is The Little Green Grocer super cute and inviting but it’s owners Sarah and Eleanor are knowledgeable foodies who have an absolute passion for local produce, speciality home grown brands and natural organic whole foods and that, to me, is invaluable.

I loved being in this little shop today and if I hadn’t taken that left turn I would have missed the opportunity to chat to both of them and I would have missed the opportunity of finding out more about local food producers right on our doorstep. The Little Green Grocer, a natural food market is keeping it real and keeping it local.  Go Girls! is all I can say, and of course, I will be back!

Save the High Street and Support Local Stores.

Photographs by David McClelland Photography

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Natural Food Market Kilkenny Little Hill Design Chopping Boards The Little Green Grocer, Kilkenny littlegreengrocer_034



  1. Looks so quaint and gorgeous! I really want to go back to Kilkenny 🙂

  2. aine McDonough says:

    thanks for the great [photos. Feel as if I’ve been there myself. hmmmm. maybe I should just do that!

  3. Was just in here the other day! So cute 🙂 Wanted to find out more and found your blog! So happy I did, great review of a great little city! 🙂

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